Andrew Milk (b. 1985) is a sound, performance and visual artist based in Glasgow. He studied

Illustration at Kent Institute of Art & Design. Andrew moved to London in 2009, where he became

heavily engaged with the underground music community: establishing a DIY record label and

promoting queer and feminist punk events.


Andrew began playing in bands and soon found himself touring

internationally as a musician. Using pencils, inks, paints and found imagery and photocopiers, Andrew

created: stage design, album artwork, gig posters, zines, merchandise and more to unite his visual

and sound creative practices.


Andrews debut collection deep dives into his archives, remastering and reworking over decade of gig posters, zines and album cover artworks; into his first collection of original studio worked fine art painted posters.


Working directly with the artist Lhouette and his studio team this first new volume from Andrew, culminates the use repeated polycrylic transfer designs over vibrant heavily pigmented layered aerosol & acrylic painted panels. Each piece is unique in colour, pattern, sequence and markings, classed as ‘Repeated Originals’ or ‘Painted Posters’ - no more than 30 created in each volume.