TAP Art Gallery is a UK based art gallery in Essex, representing a growing portfolio of international artists which they exhibit at some of the world’s leading art fairs.

Established by art dealer and framer, Soo Turner, with 27 years experience in the art business.


TAP Art Gallery represent established and emerging artists from around the world, who they exhibit in their UK galleries, host with pop-up shows in London, curate at exhibitions in Europe, and exhibit at fairs in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Soo Turner likes to combine the marketing of mainstream artworks with the promotion of unknown artists and photographers early in their careers, such as the now celebrated Connor Brothers and Dan Baldwin.

The portfolio of art includes realism, abstract, pop, and urban art, photography, sculpture, and installations.


Projects & collaborations include: Selfridges, London Design Festival, Icon Magazine, Grand Designs, Chaplins of London, Edinburgh Festival, Made in Chelsea and South Place Hotel.


TAP art galleries are based in Chelmsford & Shenfield, Essex, UK. The Chelmsford gallery is located in a converted barn on a 3,000 acre farm. The Shenfield gallery is a white-walled space in a charming retail suburb.

  • Ben Mosley, Coming soon to Turner Art Perspective

    Ben Mosley

    Coming soon to Turner Art Perspective

    We are absolutely thrilled to have Ben Mosley, a UK expressionist artist, joining us at Turner Art Perspective.


    Ben has so much to shout about right now.  He is featured in this months 'Hello' magazine with his painting to commemorate Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee. He chose a portrait from the Queen's coronation in 1953, as he said he wanted to paint her as a young Queen, and then he put all the elements from her life in the background. The detail is incredible.


    Ben has been commissioned by Team GB, Wembley Stadium, Manchester United, McDonalds and The Emirates and Creek Golf clubs in Dubai to create original paintings for their official collections.


    So far, he has raised around£1 million for various different charities over the last decade through the sale of his art and live painting at high profile black tie events. He is very much an international artist and collectors and endorsers of his work include Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Andy Murray, Naomi Osaka, Emma Raducanu, Wayne Rooney, Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard, Ed Sheeran, Mike and Zara Tindall, Frank Warren and Jerry Weintraub. His work can be found in many private collections around the world.


    We really like Ben's London skylines. As his charity live painting work has continued to flourish in the capital, the London skyline has become a familiar favourite. He looks towards the ever changing London cityscape to pick out some key buildings of focus to develop the background, whilst catching some hustle and bustle of the city – and of the River Thames – into the foreground.


    Ben is one of Britain’s leading live painters and expressionist artists, his work

    capturing dynamic movement in pieces that may be described as figurative and cubist.


    His expressionist style, is influenced by Lowry, Picasso, Van Gogh and Matisse, and he

    believes that art is one of the best forms of communication. He concentrates on depicting the narrative in his work and likes to tell a story through his paintings. Ben uses a lot of precious metals in his paintings including 24k Gold and Palladium leaf and has a keen interest in using shape and pattern to build structure and form in his work. 

    Ben has a BA Honours Fine Art degree in 2003 from the University of Liverpool.




  • NEW ARTIST, Kev Munday

    'Us Three'


    Kev Munday

    Kev Munday creates colourful, utopian worlds and invites the viewer to spend some time living in them. Inspired by people-watching and the everyday, Kev exaggerates and celebrates the ordinary and aims for his art to appeal to all ages.


    In the tradition of artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Kev's paintings can be read like a wimmelbilderbuch (German, literally 'teeming picture book'), depicting scenes richly detailed with humans, animals, creatures and objects waiting to be discovered and interpreted by the viewer.


    Using bold lines and block colours, the vibrancy of Kev Munday’s style creates an enthralling visual experience. His iconic crowd paintings depict a sea of unique individuals which pays tribute to the beauty found in diversity. Each individual portrait is equally valued, taken altogether, the effect is a striking vision of community which is more than the sum of its individual parts.

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  • Marcus Aitken, South London abstract painter

    Marcus Aitken

    South London abstract painter

    For me, it’s all about the physicality of painting and connecting with my materials, tools and surfaces in different ways. I am interested in repurposing materials and recreating new narratives from old objects. I paint to capture precious moments and movements - I suppose there is an element of performance when I work as the output is very raw, impulsive and intuitive"

    Marcus Aitken

    Marcus is a contemporary artist living and working in South London. Known for his gestural paintings, Marcus uses a combination of layering, distressing and blending to present a multifaceted surface to his work. His background in design has developed his artistic style creating cutting-edge abstract works. 


    He has shown in exhibitions internationally and has collectors around the globe. His work has been featured by various publications including Schön! Magazine, Art Plugged, Saatchi Online, Soft Punk Magazine, 9/10 Magazine, Trebuchet Magazine, Condé Nast, and Culture Trip. He was also named as one of Saatchi Art's top 20 emerging artists to watch in 2020.

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  • NFT, Stephen Mee | Cocaine Trafficker


    Stephen Mee | Cocaine Trafficker

    Stephen Mee is a renowed cocaine trafficker who has now drastically transformed his life path through the use of art.


    Stephen Mee was born in 1958 and loved art from an early age and took an apprenticeship in graphic design whilst studying sign wirting at Oldham college of art and design. But art was not the only thing in Stephen's life as his involement with crime began in 1967 at only 9 years old. This resulted in Stephen accumilating a 30 year prision sentence in 1996.


    During Stephen's sentence he was able to reconnect to his love of art and lanuch his artistic career. Since being released from prision Stephen has started to showcase his artworks. His latest apperance being an exhibition called, 'Past, Present and Future' which took place across 6 days at the OXO Tower Wharf, with live special guest performances from rapper, 'Suspect OTB.'


    Stephen's most recent addition to his art collection is the  'Release Mee' NFT which consists of 2 digital installations, 'The Expo Edition & The Space Edition,' to commemorate a jail cell where artist, Stephen Mee, carried out his sentence. The NFTs will be enhanced with a powerful unreleased track by rapper, 'Suspect OTB.'


    Watch out for the rest of Stephen's artworks coming soon to Turner Art Perspective...




    Unmasked by Joe Webb

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