Corinna's Creative Process

Everything about the way Corinna works (both technique and subject) is motivated by her desire to reveal something, or “bring something to light.” Her working processes all involve layering then scraping back, building then excavating; or peeling back layers to “carve out” and reveal something hidden beneath the surface.


To develop a painting or drawing Corinna uses her prints as the starting point, which is often worked into a painting using collage and printed impressions from fabrics and embossed papers. She then uses printmaking tools, such as rollers, squeegees and scrapers, to apply paint.


Printmaking continues to be a medium that intrigues Corinna and is hugely influential in the way she approaches her paintings.


"It is through these painted, sculpted or printed figures that I wish to project recognizable aspects of human experience. I want to compel and to draw the viewer in for a closer look beyond the surface." - Corinna Button