'A Million Shades of Grey': A Solo Show by Mr Controversial 4pm - 9pm

10 September 2022
“Each piece should be instantly relatable to the viewer, as if you have stumbled upon something that hits the nail on the head of your own everyday life, making the ordinary extraordinary & hilariously absurd."

We are incredibly proud to exhibit a solo show for Mr Controversial and we are enormously excited to introduce the artist in person to our worldwide client and collector base where he joins our exclusive and distinguished list of collectable artists.  He will be meeting and greeting clients in person, and will share his story, inspirations and influences whilst enjoying an evening of live music, a bite to eat and a glass of wine.

He is a London-based artist who lives up to his creative pseudonym through the controversial nature of his work, calling out and poking fun at the first-world problems obsessed over by the millennial digital-first generation. 

He’s self taught, doesn’t come from a traditional fine art background and is part of the new wave of Do It Yourself Artists shaking up the fine art world, making an impact without any backing – just his Instagram page. He uses vintage imagery from the 1950’s as source material, which he restores, reworks and reappropriates for an audience of today, exploring themes of ‘Ownership’ in today’s digital age… For these reasons alone, he is Mr Controversial