“Marcus’ rigorous design background shines through in his creative process—building up and distressing multiple layers of pigment on wood panels, and then applying expressive brushstrokes—ultimately yielding expertly balanced and dramatic compositions.” - Saatchi Art

In Marcus’ most recent works he has collaborated with clothing fashion labels like, ‘Pringle of Scotland,’ and the men’s clothing line, ‘Farah.’ In these shows Marcus produced large commissions for the window fronts of the clothing label's shops. It is from collaborations like these that Marcus has begun to incorporate new elements in his work such as the adding extra raw textile cut off to his works, on top of the already raw canvas, to add layers of texture, dimension and movement.


“For me, it’s all about the physicality of painting and connecting with my materials, tools and surfaces in different ways. I am interested in repurposing materials and recreating new narratives from old objects. I paint to capture precious moments and movements - I suppose there is an element of performance when I work as the output is very raw, impulsive and intuitive" - Marcus Aitken