Story & Influence

"I have been photographing architecture and urban landscape for many years. It is always a struggle to make a building or an architectural concept stand out from the cacophony of the city. In fact, urban landscape only works as a combination of many elements that are in constant dialogue with each other.


Having one architectural element completely removed from this dialogue will change it’s meaning and also it’s impact on the viewer.


In fact, I sometimes wonder, if this is the way architects dream of their work to appear to the viewer."

- Daniel Sambraus


"Since my teenage years, I have been listening to minimal music, particularly the composers Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Adams.


The “less is more” approach and the concentrating of only a few musical elements at a time and their subtle variations resonate very strongly in me. To an extent, my working with reduced elements and with repetition is a visual expression of this music."

- Daniel Sambraus