Currys PC World | Filming of the New Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

Set at Turner Art Perspective's Chelmsford Gallery
May 1, 2021
Currys PC World | Filming of the New Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

Earlier this year, the gallery was approached by a film crew in search for an artistic space where they could film a Currys PC World advert for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Series mobile phone. We all at Turner Art Perspective were of course very delighted at the idea that many of our artist's unique and stunning works would make the perfect back drop for the filming of Samsung's latest smart phone!


As the crew had formed a work support bubble, we allowed them to come in and explore the gallery whilst we kept our 2m social distance the whole time. In between shooting, we were able to speak with the team and ask why they had wanted to film in the likes of an art gallery. The crew informed us that Currys ideally prefer to film their adverts in locations that are full of artistic potenital to create a captivating aesthetic, reflecting the phone's multiple colour ways and new and exciting features.


To watch the advert and see our spectacular 4500sq foot gallery space, click here

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