Prison sentence…

16 years

4 months

22 days


Stephen Mee was born in 1958 into a large family in Northern Manchester. As a poor family they struggled to get through daily life.

One of the features that started early in Stephen Mee's  life was art. He started drawing cartoons which progressed into rock icons. He left school with no qualifications and took an apprenticeship in graphic design whilst studying sign writing at Oldham College of Art and Design.

Stephen Mee had an alternate life as a criminal that began in 1967 at the age of nine and lasted until 1996.

In 1996, he was given 30 years for importing class ‘A’ cocaine. Whilst serving the sentence, Stephen studied fine arts at OCA Bucks University, where he graduated with honours.

During his studies, Stephen won the Kostla award’s top platinum prize and a bronze prize.

In 2012, he was released from prison after serving 16-1/2 years. Since his release, he has been working as a professional artistw whilst also beginning a blog cataloguing his life in art and crime.

It starts with paintings and events from Stephen Mee's past life in art and crime up to the present and will be oriented towards how he has  become who he is today and why.