What is the story/inspiration behind your work?

"I am printmaker and painter. My work consistently features landscapes, seascapes or horizons. Combining printmaking, mixed media and digital manipulation, I layer traditional and modern techniques to create fresh perspectives.

Having grown up in New Zealand, coastal and mountain themes have been predominant in my work. With my home now in London, I am influenced by how man-made structures interact with the landscape. I feature the contrast between the strong, angular lines of architectural forms (usually brutalist or modernist structures) interacting with the fluid, organic backdrop of nature.


This “nature vs structure’ theme has been prevalent in my work over the last 2 years. My unique mixed media paintings continue to explore our interaction with the land, inviting viewers to question our place in the world, and the temporary marks we leave on the landscape.


Recently, I have also been exploring the world of upcycling – mixed media artwork on found materials. This on-going series represent my concern with the increasing amount of waste we produce, and the lack of consideration for the impact it has on our environment. My aim is to make art with abandoned or discarded materials as their canvas, thus giving them a second, and hopefully longer life." - Hamish Macaulay